Consultancy & Valuations

Professional Services Offered:

Sustainable Farming Practices Consultancy

Johann Nieuwoudt (M.S.A) Masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of the Free State

We consult on the following:

Sustainable Livestock Production Systems

Reproduction physiology and animal health and disease control – sheep and cattle breeding

Game farm management

Environmental education

Horticultural production systems, management and marketing

Vegetation as a natural resource

  • Management of Biomes
  • Grazing ecosystems
  • Veld assessment and management
  • Identification of grasses and plants

Agronomical plant production systems

  • Crop Production and cultural choices
  • Soil tillage and plant nutrition and pest control
  • Soil conditions and the evaluation of soil sensitivity to degradation during agricultural production
  • Organic farming
  • Sustainable management of irrigation systems
  • Evaluation of sustainable agricultural production systems

Optimal Management and utilization of climate and climate data for sustainable agricultural production

Our New Service

Deceased Estate Bulb Collections & the Valuation of Bulb Collections

This is one of the new divisions of our company and we have decided to offer this service within South Africa on realising that there is a need for people with the knowledge of both the plants and the market in assisting deceased estates.

We have seen situations where people, who inherit valuable plant collections either do not want the plants and wish to sell them but have no idea of what they have actually inherited or its value and find themselves being exploited and offered ridiculously low amounts for very rare plants or they have no idea how to look after the plants that were bequeathed to them.

Our services in this regard are as follows:

Valuation of Collections

We will value Bulb, Irises & daylily collections.

Collections - Inherited

If you have inherited a collection of Indigenous and/or exotic bulbs and you want to sell the collection, please contact us. 

Selling of Collections

If you own an extensive bulb collection and are considering selling part of or the entire collection or on your passing you would prefer it sold, please contact us or request that your heirs contact us

We also offer

Invasive Species Consultancy

If you sell your property in South Africa irrespective of whether it is a private house, smallholding, farm etc, you are now obliged by law to have a certificate of compliance stating that your property is free of alien invasives and if it is not, all invasive species must be listed and forwarded to the new buyer.

Johann Nieuwoudt is a certified consultant and his services can be requested by contacting him at johann@thesabulbcompany.co.za