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Introducing our bulbs to the export market

The SA Bulb Company is a registered exporter with the South African Revenue Services and with the Department of Agriculture. Our soil is tested by the Plant Health division of the South African Department of Agriculture every 3 months & our plants regularly inspected by Plant Health Pretoria and phystosanitary certificates are provided. We pride ourselves in exporting quality, healthy bulbs and daylilies. We have now been exporting for 16 years and are familiar with all the import requirements imposed by many countries particularly the very strict requirements of Taiwan R.O.C, South Korea, Germany, P.R. China and Australia.

Why South African bulbs in particular, are a good investment

Boasting some of the most magnificent leaves in all the plant kingdoms, South African bulbs are among the most sought after and highly valued in the world.

Many of the winter growers have the most exquisite foliage which include the undisputed regents of rarity namely the Gethyllis family; the woolly, the furry, the perfectly heart-shaped or rounded leaves of Eriospermums, banded plum-striped leaves of Haemanthus coccineus; the almost sentry-like single erect paddle-shaped leaf of Haemanthus nortieri; heavily coiled leaves of Ornithogalum & Albuca; Massonias and Brunsvigias either diminutive or robust, hugging the ground and the diverse foliage of Strumarias and Hesseas. 

Desirable summer growing bulbs include Ledebourias, Drimiopsis and Resnova with their often cryptic and heavily blotched leaves; coils resembling spiral staircases of Cyrtanthus smithiae; the almost regal fan of plain or undulated leaves of the Boophones; Urgineas with their almost prehistoric looking raised caudexes, Merwilla’s dramatic arching flower stems; dwarf Scillas; the fabulous giant leaves of the Gaikaford Haemanthus; the warm hues of the Giant Cyrtanthus to the daintiest Nerines.

There is a perception that there is an infinite source of new species and rare bulbs to be discovered particularly in the winter rainfall region of the Cape Provinces but that is unfortunately not the case. Diversity is dependent on micro-climate, habitat and the right conditions in the ecosystem, in order for these bulbs to survive and thrive. There are many species that have a very limited natural distribution and are thinly spread out in habitat. There are no endless fields of rare bulbs setting bountiful harvests of seed year in and year out. Rarity implies a limited supply for a very niche market and thus a good investment.

Exquisite Foliage


Bulbs, rhizomes or corms are lifted from pots or trays and all the leaves and roots are cut off. The bulbs are thoroughly washed of all traces of soil/growing medium and then given time to dry before packing and shipping. If dipping with chemicals is necessary, we do oblige.


When you receive your order, plant the bulbs immediately and water once. It can take a few months for the bulbs to acclimatise and start growing again. 


International bulb collectors, growers, wholesalers & botanical gardens


Primarily South African Bulbs but also geophytic pelargoniums and daylilies.


Post Office airmail, Post Office EMS service or Air freight for very large heavy shipments


Most countries 


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Why bulbs are the most rewarding of all plants

All good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes..…and bulbs encapsulate what gardening is all about namely planning, planting, nurturing, patience and a great deal of personal satisfaction and achievement when that first bud or leaf appears.

Plant lovers globally are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting hundreds of thousands of species, cultivars, hybrids ranging from perennial groundcovers to trees to succulents but bulbs are unique and the most rewarding of all plants. There is simply no greater anticipation in the plant world than waiting for your seasonal bulbs to sprout again even if you have had them for many years. One simply never tires of the annual burst of colour and even in those years when some bulbs might sulk and be shy to flower, their foliage can be equally or even more appealing as is the case with numerous South African species.  We love our evergreen bulbs and all the other wonderful perennial plants but there is something special about seasonal bulbs. They herald the start of spring and approaching autumn, they are telling us something every time they sprout or go dormant earlier than expected………its too dry, its too hot, spring has come far too early, the climate is changing.

Many bulbs are waterwise, many in fact thrive in very dry rocky places including dry shade which make them ideal for an increasingly hot and dry environment. Many can and should preferably be left undisturbed in the ground even during dormancy such as Crinums, Scadoxus, Ammocharis so that notion of ‘bulbs are too much work’ is simply false. Just by taking the time to carefully select the best varieties for your garden whatever the style, patio, balcony or roof garden, you can have a very low maintenance bulb collection to be proud of.

We could not imagine any garden without bulbs, besides their glorious vivid flowers and fabulous leaves, they are very interesting plants. Even parks, road islands and sidewalks in many great cities of the world showcase the magnificence of bulbs. A manicured piece of lawn dotted with a few trees and a tortured hedge is not a garden, it is a green space serving a man-made purpose. A true garden on the other hand represents life and all its glorious moments but also its frailties which is why it keeps us busy and curious and which is why bulbs are the best addition you can make to your garden.